Scrapbooking in Thailand


I’m back from vacation! As should be, I am tanned, rested, and have lots of pictures and impressions. Especially impressions, because we spent two weeks in Thailand.

With the beautiful backdrop of nature, Indonesian Culture and spicy food, I tried to find something related to scrapbooking projects. A Thai sold these cards during the evening on the street. He said, he makes them himself. Of course I don’t know exactly how, but it looks like he cuts them with a knife.

I also liked the shops with the Thai brand “Ferera”. They are in many places in the city and are filled  with handbags, cosmetic bags, boxes, cases and purses made of quilted cotton fabric. I bought a “black giraffe”-colored]bag.I´m planning to use it as a cosmetic bag for travel.

Many warm days for all us, it is only August!

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