Indbydelse til konfirmation
Thank you to my new subscribers for the interest in my blog. Many probably have noticed that I did not write for several months. The first reason was my little daughter who shed a cup of coffee on my laptop. And the second reason: in the Danish version of the site appeared my online store. Now some of my works can be bought here.
In May, most Danish families, where there are children 13 years old, will celebrate a big day in the family life: Confirmation in the church.

Girls will wear white dresses, boys – suits. Rare cars will drive them to the church. Often these are retro cars. For parents this is also a special day – the children have grown up. They prepare for this day in advance in every detail. And, of course, make invitations, menu cards, guest cards etc. Usually they send postcards to the guests with gratitude after the celebration – pink with gold kit for girls.

I wish you the best celebrations ever! 



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