Books that we write ourselves

De bøger, som du selv kan lave-MissQ
Probably, every woman has a box where she keeps notes, memorable leaflets, children’s drawings, etc.
I liked the idea of ​​Norwegian designers Arne & Carlos, which they described in the book “Books that you can make yourself”, of collecting such papers all together and make a book out of them.
My book includes school papers, my sketches from the design school, romantic correspondence with my first husband, postcards of my friends.
I used only two sheets of scrap paper for flybys, in all other cases I used pages of fashion magazines.
There are a few tags from clothes from the same, my secret box, to the decoration of the cover, a chipboard in the form of a dummy and one of my favorite combinations of colors: beige and black. In this book is probably all I am – in my 40s.
Already, as I wrote this post, I came across a demo video on how to make such a book. Maybe it will be interesting for you to see and maybe you will make your book.
I hope our books will be beautiful and filled with love, kindness and warm memories.

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