Baby album

Baby album
That’s how it started a little over a year ago. I wanted an album for pictures of my little daughter. First I thought to buy, but I did not find one that suited me completely: roomy, interesting and in Danish.
I bought a set of paper “Me to you” 15×15 cm. There are a lot of “not scrap” materials in this album. I did not have much then, and I did not always know where and what to buy. I also did not have a [Big Shot?] large photo so I decorated the cover with machine embroidery.
Album size is 28×30 cm, can accommodate 109 photos, format 9×13 and 10×15.
I tried to collect everything that concerned this first year of Olivia’s life in it:
Growth and weight chart
Meaning of her name
Prints of pens and legs
First achievements
The first New Year card from Dad
The invitation that I made for baptism and our wedding… and much more.
It was really interesting to work on this album. That’s how my hobby for scrap-booking began.
And how did you start?

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