Hello, world!

My first post on MissQ.one

This is my first blog post.

Excited 🙂

I don´t know how it happened, that I decided to write a blog. The idea appeared somewhere about six months ago. The name, MissQis also found quickly was an easy choice – I´ve always had it. MissQ does not mean anything certain, but for many years I´ve been using that nickname and I like it. I think it sounds good.

Hi, world!

I registered the domain at one.com and set up the blog  with WordPress. I’m not really a programmer and I am only beginner in graphics programs… but I was able to draw a design for a blog on the iPad in Paper53 app and configure the entire blog on-line under the direction of Natalia, many thanks to her!

Hi world!

I’ll be blogging in Danish, as I live in Denmark, and all my thoughts and plans are also here, but I will duplicate in Russian, because it is quite easy and I’ll be glad to communicate in my native language.

Here in Denmark, I have met many people who neither speak Danish nor are of my ethnic group. And I am thinking about also writhing English. But I need someone to check my posts. If you know someone who could help me with this, email me or give my e-mail address: one@missQ.one. Thanks in advance!

P.S.Have a nice day and may we succeed in our undertakings!

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