The decor for celebration

Pynt til dåbs fest foto

We baptized our Olivia in November of last year. And got married in church, once we came there all together. Of course, it was a great celebration for our family and many relatives and friends.

The main colors for decoration I chose ivory (color of the dress) and pink – the color of the ribbon on Olivia´s dress. I used blue as a contrast.

I made a lot of roses of different sizes from the usual office cardboard. Previously I had toned it with coffee (you need an ordinary instant coffee, brewed with a little water). Since the resulting shade seemed to me not sufficiently expressive for the roses color, I added fresh beet juice. The undeniable advantage of this method is the availability and ease to do. Disadvantage is that pink pigment of beet juice is not stable and under the influence of, for example, the sun, quickly fades – which I cannot say about coffee.

Angels cut by punch and toned with coffee too.

As decoration I also used a lot of knitted napkins, which I bought in a shop of old things.

As candlesticks I used wine bottles, as well as a lot of candles and figurines of angels for decoration.

So I remember this day: a lot of angels, good food and a great cake.

I wish you beautiful celebrations!

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